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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ;)

okay,now i want to tell you a,hear this.
many kinds of people and attitude that we can find in hostel.rite?
then,sometimes we accidently involve with them.
sometimes it will make us forget about what we will face end of this year.
honestly,i was involve with many kinds of case.why?
people said it cause from your that true?
i think so.because many people said to me that friends at school just for a while.
they will be with you when you were happy.but when you were sad?
they all dissapear.sometimes friends that close with us trustless right?
haha,why i'm saying like that?because it was happen to me once.
a friends who close with you almost 2 years were you enemy.
what i do for payback?none.i'm doing nothing.just keep quite and smile.
act like nothing happen before.silly right?haha.
so,the BIG exam just around the corner.its will make you freakout right?same for me.
for the god sake i want to show that i can get better result.why?
because before this my result were trully sucks and it broke my parents heart.
i dont want to repeat my mistake when i'm in form 3.i was regretfull.
what i should do,concentrate,study,dont make any fault.
so,this far that i can share.we will meet again after 2 weeks from now.okay?byee ;)


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